#29 untitled, re-titled, to-be-titled

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Welcome to week 29 of Internet of Literal Things. The weird, wacky, wonderful, and wild of the world wide web seems to be several-too-many “w’s” and a perfect place for me to start. I’m Sara Nason, a fellow person on the internet, who happens to have many hours on hand to read random articles that are tucked into multiple crevices in my phone.

In thinking about the general length of my to-do list over the past few months — it’s (easily guessable) extended consistently with some of the same items remaining on the top of the list the entire time. Self-care and advocating for space to learn and grow seems to be the most important thing to prioritize… and gets put last on the list every time. Tis the season for re-prioritization and readjustments to make time for the things I want to do and the people I want to be around.

So, strangers of the internet, here we go. untitled, re-titled, to-be-titled for the Internet of Literal Things #29.

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What I’m Reading

The mannequin queen: how one woman built a business out of retailers’ trash (The Hustle)

The long, strange tale of California’s surf Nazis (NY Times)

Building a mystery: an oral history of the Lilith Fair (Vanity Fair)

The war on sex work (N plus one)

Susan Sontag’s queer life (Buzzfeed News)

The toll of Me Too (The Cut)

Learning how to see (Matthew Ström)

Miracle on 14th Street (Signal Problems)

Squirrels speak bird (CityLab)

The troubling economics of food halls (Heated)

How to recession-proof your creative practice (The Creative Independent)

Cats really do bond with their humans (Gizmodo)

23 of the most influential pictures from music history (Buzzfeed News)

Saving 20 sites that tell the story of American women (CityLab)

Labradoodle “inventor” calls the crossbreed his biggest regret (Mental Floss)

People are typing on their smartphones almost as fast as keyboards now (VICE)

A 900-page pre-pantone guide to color from 1962 (Open Culture)

Business card etiquette around the world (MOO)

A bodega with kale and activism on the menu (NY Times)

Can better parks fight climate change? (Curbed)

Why are cities filled with metal men on horseback? (JSTOR Daily)

Most postal trucks don’t have air conditioning. That’s bad news for birth control (VICE)

What I’m Visually Experiencing

In the Islands (YouTube)

What I’m Listening To

I Won’t Back Down - Judah and The Lion (Spotify)

🏆 A Photo of An #UglyDogs Related Thing On The Internet 🥇

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